TIM chooses the 'Jooice' platform by Webidoo to accelerate the digital transformation of SMEs

TIM and Webidoo announce their partnership for the commercialization of ‘Jooice,’ the tool that enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and professionals to manage all their digital marketing activities in a single platform. With this agreement, TIM and Webidoo aim to accelerate the digital transformation of a large pool of Italian companies through ‘Jooice,’ a system protected by a double patent that uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure access to all digital marketing tools in a single hub, selecting those most suitable based on the objectives of each individual company and offering them in a user-friendly version that can be managed even by non-experts.

Jooice will be distributed through TIM’s sales network and available on the TIM Business website, thus enriching the dedicated offering to the small and medium-sized B2B market. Customers will be able to have, with a single platform, all the digital marketing services useful for enhancing the value of their business in a simple and competitively priced manner. The solution provides SMEs with quick, convenient, and autonomous access to the most advanced business channels, helping them integrate all the benefits of technological innovation. It also ensures a versatile and scalable tool for all companies, regardless of their business size – large, medium, or small – simplifying the time and methods of managing their digital activities to achieve their goals.

Webidoo, a company specialized in promoting digital transformation, has been a TIM Venturespartnered company since 2021 – TIM’s Corporate Venture Capital providing financial support to the growth of innovative startups. This aligns with the new model of Open Innovation, supporting these entities by integrating them into the industrial and commercial plans of the Group.

“We are proud to make Jooice available to TIM to support customers in their evolution journey. The platform, entirely developed by our R&D team, has immediately stood out for its features, and partnerships like this confirm how much its innovative drive and uniqueness are appreciated. We have identified a real need among SMEs, small businesses, and more, looking for cutting-edge yet simple and accessible solutions, and we have given it shape. Together with TIM, we have the
extraordinary opportunity to contribute concretely to the digitalization of a vast array of companies in Italy, and the agreement we have signed is the best tool to achieve this goal” comments Daniel Rota, CEO of Webidoo.

About Webidoo SpA

Webidoo, a company specialized in promoting Digital Transformation, was founded in 2017 by the idea of Daniel Rota, Giovanni Farese, and Egidio Murru, three managers united by their passion for digital and new technologies. Webidoo simplifies access to the best technological and digital solutions in both the B2B and B2C sectors. The B2C aspect of Webidoo materializes through Webidoo Store, the phygital Experience Store where people can find the most innovative technological products on the market, also selected as previews. On the other hand, the B2B aspect is expressed through Webidoo Digital Services and Webidoo Farm, which assist businesses, SMEs, and professionals in choosing, implementing, and managing the best technological and digital solutions for business and strategic areas such as Digital Presence, E-Commerce, Digital Advertising, and Social Media. The strong innovative drive of the group is also evident in Webidoo Gaming, the company that takes the business into the world of esports with teams engaged in the most important international championships, catering to businesses by providing entirely new digital opportunities to promote their activities on cutting-edge digital channels, such as Twitch. The company is composed of a team of over 300 individuals, including employees and digital consultants, operating in Italy, Spain, the Balkans, and the USA.