Webidoo Acquires Palmabit and Expands Know-How in the Development of New Technologies

Webidoo Spa, an Italian company specializing in the digital transformation of SMEs, has signed an acquisition agreement with Palmabit, a Making Software Company located in Montichiari, Brescia.

The Webidoo Group marks another achievement, following the opening of Webidoo INC in America, with dual offices in Boston and Chicago, and the launch of the new platform Jooice, destined to revolutionize the digital life of SMEs worldwide. Leveraging the capital increase with the entry of Banca Generali’s 8a+ Fund and TIM Ventures in 2021, the group founded by Giovanni Farese, Daniel Rota, and Egidio Murru acquires the software development company, owned by the two founders Francesco Falanga and Alessandro Sarzina.

The extraordinary operation, covering 100% of the acquired company’s capital, aims to strengthen Webidoo’s ability to develop new technologies to support its clients in the digital transformation journey. With this new acquisition, Webidoo reinforces its R&D team by incorporating the talented engineers and software developers from Palmabit.

Palmabit is a making software company with 10 years of experience in designing tailor-made and future-ready digital products. These products are intended to facilitate the digital evolution of businesses through knowledge transfer of high-value technological skills and platforms. Over the years, Palmabit has worked with startups, large companies, banks, and publicly traded companies to create successful projects and software. The meeting and merger with Webidoo arise and materialize precisely due to the innovative and highly technological nature of the Brescia-based company.

“Developing technological products capable of improving the lives of professionals and businesses has become the focus of every move for us in the coming years: we have seen this recently with the launch of Jooice. This acquisition decisively and purposefully strengthens our new technology development team, thanks to the entry of new talents that will make us increasingly unique and competitive in the international market,” comments Daniel Rota, CEO of Webidoo. “Francesco and Alessandro, who founded Palmabit in 2012, with revenues growing year after year and the construction of an extraordinary reality in the software development landscape, will have a key role in achieving the Group’s ambitious goals.” With this addition, the Webidoo group reaches 350 people, including employees and consultants, distributed among offices in Italy, Spain, the Balkans, and the United States.

“We are truly delighted to become part of this extraordinary reality,” say the two founding partners of Palmabit. “From the first day, we appreciated Webidoo’s clear vision and the strategy designed to be scalable globally. We have collaborated from the beginning as partners in the development of Jooice: it has been a great opportunity to evaluate the synergy between our entities, the commitment, passion, and talent that characterize both companies and have identified us as twin entities, absolutely complementary. Deciding to join forces has become almost natural. We are already working to accelerate the development of Jooice and offer the Group always new arrows in its quiver.”

As a result of research conducted in the USA in collaboration with Lehigh University of Pennsylvania and development in Italy by Webidoo Farm, Jooice is an advanced platform protected by a double patent. It utilizes artificial intelligence to allow freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises to manage, through a monthly subscription, all the digital marketing services they need in an integrated, intelligent, and easy way, at a highly competitive and accessible price, even for small businesses.

About Webidoo SpA

Webidoo, a company specialized in promoting Digital Transformation, was founded in 2017 by the idea of Daniel Rota, Giovanni Farese, and Egidio Murru, three managers united by their passion for digital and new technologies. Webidoo simplifies access to the best technological and digital solutions in both the B2B and B2C sectors. The B2C aspect of Webidoo materializes through Webidoo Store, the phygital Experience Store where people can find the most innovative technological products on the market, also selected as previews. On the other hand, the B2B aspect is expressed through Webidoo Digital Services and Webidoo Farm, which assist businesses, SMEs, and professionals in choosing, implementing, and managing the best technological and digital solutions for business and strategic areas such as Digital Presence, E-Commerce, Digital Advertising, and Social Media. The strong innovative drive of the group is also evident in Webidoo Gaming, the company that takes the business into the world of esports with teams engaged in the most important international championships, catering to businesses by providing entirely new digital opportunities to promote their activities on cutting-edge digital channels, such as Twitch. The company is composed of a team of over 300 individuals, including employees and digital consultants, operating in Italy, Spain, the Balkans, and the USA.