Webidoo Launches Webidoo Insight Lab and its Initial Study on EU SME Digitalization

The study’s findings reveal the Nordics are leading the way, Eastern Europe has ground to make up and the EU’s largest economies are losing ground

Webidoo SpA, a company that specializes in the development of digital transformation technologies and services for the SME (Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise), has launched its latest venture, Webidoo Insight Lab. Webidoo Insight Lab presented to the European Parliament its first in-depth study on the current landscape of European SME digitalization.

The report paints the European Union as navigating SME digitalization across three different speeds: the Nordic countries, who are pioneering and leading the way, large economies which are losing ground, and Eastern European nations, with the illustrious exception of Lithuania, are struggling to keep up.

“Our Insight Lab aspires to become a central hub for the study and analysis of digitalization in small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union, proposing innovative solutions for growth and development through a data-driven perspective,” says Giovanni Farese, general manager of Webidoo
SpA. “To do this, we have created a new index, the SME – Digital Growth Index (SME – DIGIX), articulated in five dimensions that explore different aspects of the phenomenon which directly impact the evolution of companies: digital presence, digital commerce, technological infrastructure, research and innovation, and digital skills.”

SME – DIGIX emerges as a pioneering indicator designed to assess the countries of the European Union with respect to the level of digitalization of SMEs. It is specifically geared to discern and track those crucial digital variables that are significant catalysts for the economic growth of SMEs.

Our entire research has been compiled and deepened in the report “SME Digital Growth IndeX 2023 – The Role of Digital Evolution in European Business Growth,” which is available for free on Webidoo’s website.

Nordic Countries in the Lead

The study’s results reveal that countries such as Denmark (61 percent) and Sweden (59 percent) lead the SME DIGIX index ranking, which is a testament to the success of widespread integration of digitalization into their economies. With advanced digital infrastructure and cutting-edge ecommerce strategies, these nations demonstrate how digitalization can act as an accelerator of economic growth.

Major Economic Powers in Difficulty

France (33 percent), Germany (40 percent) and Italy (34 percent) show some difficulties in maintaining the pace of digital transformation. Europe’s three largest economies are faced with a rapidly changing digital landscape which find themselves needing to review and strengthen their
digital strategies to enhance SME growth.

Small Size, Big Digital Ambitions

Unexpectedly, small member states such as Malta (58 percent) and Cyprus (45 percent) come out doing very well, challenging the notion that smaller populations can be an obstacle in the race to digitalization. These examples underscore how targeted and effective digital policies can create competitive advantages, promoting significant economic growth for smaller nations.

Toward a Future of Digital Excellence

“Our first SME Digital Growth IndeX 2023 report highlights the role digital evolution plays in European business growth through a detailed analysis of SME digitalization in the EU,” Farese says.

“Our research aims to highlight the link between the level of SME digitalization and the level of economic growth of EU SMEs through an innovative indicator, the SME – DIGIX, which fills an important gap in current market studies.”

While there are other indices that measure the digitalization of companies at the European level, such as DESI for example, it is also true that the indicators available until now, did not fully take into account the specific needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises. The SME Digital Growth IndeX focuses on capturing the most strategic elements of economic growth for EU based SME’s.

“It was precisely from this reflection,” Farese continues, “that the need for a new approach emerged, one that not only quantifies digital presence and technology adoption, but also interprets their respective impacts on business performance and growth potential.

The full report, “SME Digital Growth IndeX 2023 – The Role of Digital Evolution in European Business Growth,” can be downloaded free at webidoo.com/en/insight-lab.

Information about Webidoo SpA

Webidoo, a digital company specializing in the development of technological and organizational solutions for the digital transformation of companies, was founded as a service company with the goal of simplifying digital access for SMEs and has evolved into a tech company that creates highly innovative tools for businesses of all sizes. From this vision came Jooice, the dual-patent protected platform that centralizes and simplifies the management of all digital marketing activities in a single hub, and Welpy, the collaborative artificial intelligence that accelerates the growth of companies by accompanying them to the discovery of digital transformation.

Webidoo’s strong innovative traction is embodied in various areas of expertise, from digital services to digital factories via hi-tech retail; the company dedicates a specific organizational division to each of these areas.