Webidoo Spa Launches Jooice, the Platform Revolutionizing the Digital Transformation of SMEs Worldwide

Webidoo Spa, an Italian company specializing in the digital transformation of SMEs, launches Jooice, an application protected by a double patent that uses artificial intelligence to provide businesses with all digital marketing tools in a single hub. It selects the most suitable tools based on entrepreneurs’ goals and simplifies their use, making them accessible even to non-experts. Jooice has a dual objective: on one hand, to provide SMEs with quick, convenient, and autonomous access to digital contexts, helping them overcome the challenges of digitization; on the other hand, to provide more structured entrepreneurial entities with a tool that simplifies the management of their digital activities.

“There is much talk about the digital transformation of SMEs as an essential element for the growth and internationalization of companies, but often we overlook how to do it in practice, effectively and sustainably,” comments Giovanni Farese, General Manager of the Group. “Webidoo was born precisely to address this need that we have never lost sight of, constantly seeking to improve our offering, open new opportunities, find excellent partners, and innovative solutions. We can say that Jooice is an important milestone in a constant search that has required a lot of effort, resources, and courage.”

Jooice is the result of research conducted in the USA over the last two years, in collaboration with Lehigh University of Pennsylvania, relationships established with business angel communities and US business accelerators, and, above all, the experience accumulated by Webidoo in the SME market. Since 2017, the company has been providing digital marketing services to businesses and has recorded double-digit growth rates year after year. The American technological approach and the deep knowledge of SMEs developed by Webidoo are the winning combination for a service set to change the rules of the game in the digital services world.

Leveraging the latest funding round that raised 6 million from Banca Generali’s 8a+ Fund and TIM Venture, Webidoo Spa aims, with Jooice, to gain significant market positions in America, in addition to further consolidation in Europe. The establishment of Webidoo INC with dual offices in the USA, in Chicago and Boston, is functional to the continuous development of Jooice technology and the preparation for commercial expansion in the United States. A dedicated team of US and ItalianAmerican experts is already present on-site.

“We are proud of this result, and we believe that Jooice can truly make a difference, providing a concrete answer to a pressing need in the European business fabric and, as we have discovered, also in the American one,” continues Farese. “We have found valid partners, both in Italy and in the USA, who believe in us, and now we can finally launch our proprietary technology. From now on, companies will be able to manage the most important digital marketing tools on the market in an integrated,
intelligent, and easy way – through a monthly subscription – finding the right solutions for each business based on real-time data analysis at a highly competitive and accessible price, even for small businesses.”

Since its inception at the end of 2017, under the guidance of the three founders Giovanni Farese, Daniel Rota, and Egidio Murru, Webidoo has never stopped growing its Group, which now consists of 300 employees and collaborators, with offices in Italy, Albania, Spain, a production center in Puglia (Webidoo Farm), a physical and virtual store dedicated to consumer technology, and a company active in the gaming and esports sector.

“The new step may seem very ambitious,” concludes Farese. “Yet, the data and research conducted with American universities tell us that it is not. However, to properly span the bridge we are building, we are planning a new financing round, primarily aimed at our current investors, but not excluding the possibility of finding new capital overseas. The solidity of the business plan we have prepared with Jooice speaks clearly, as confirmed by the initial meetings.”

About Webidoo SpA

Webidoo, a company specialized in promoting Digital Transformation, was founded in 2017 by the idea of Daniel Rota, Giovanni Farese, and Egidio Murru, three managers united by their passion for digital and new technologies. Webidoo simplifies access to the best technological and digital solutions in both the B2B and B2C sectors. The B2C aspect of Webidoo materializes through Webidoo Store, the phygital Experience Store where people can find the most innovative technological products on the market, also selected as previews. On the other hand, the B2B aspect is expressed through Webidoo Digital Services and Webidoo Farm, which assist businesses, SMEs, and professionals in choosing, implementing, and managing the best technological and digital solutions for business and strategic areas such as Digital Presence, E-Commerce, Digital Advertising, and Social Media. The strong innovative drive of the group is also evident in Webidoo Gaming, the company that takes the business into the world of esports with teams engaged in the most important international championships, catering to businesses by providing entirely new digital opportunities to promote their activities on cutting-edge digital channels, such as Twitch. The company is composed of a team of over 300 individuals, including employees and digital consultants, operating in Italy, Spain, the Balkans, and the USA.