Webidoo Store: Customer Experience as the New Frontier of Marketing

Less than a year since its opening in Milan, webidoo store, the first tech experience store in Europe, confirms itself as a winning model for Italian and foreign companies seeking to experiment with alternative and innovative marketing and sales tools.

The store is indeed a space dedicated to innovation and technology where the public can experience cutting-edge technological products previewed in the Italian market. These products are made available by leading innovation manufacturers in various sectors: gaming, home design, kitchen, mobility, sound, photography and video, sports and fitness, wellness, and health. The same products can be rented or purchased on the webidoo.store platform.

The customer experience offered in the store becomes a strategic asset because, through the rent&buy concept in both physical and virtual spaces, the brand can gather data, bridge the gap between the brand and the consumer, improve brand awareness, generate significant leads, increase the conversion rate, and reduce the number of returns.

The sales process begins in the physical store, where the customer is offered a meaningful experience thanks to the qualified staff always available. Each product has its own QR code that allows the consumer to access all the information via smartphone, creating a direct and immediate connection with the e-commerce platform. On webidoo.store, it is also possible to rent or purchase the product, receiving it directly at home and leaving comments. The feedback and engagement data developed by the platform and collected in-store allow providing detailed marketing analytics to brand partners. Webidoo store also offers logistics services throughout Italy, a warehouse, dedicated customer care, and the opportunity for foreign brands to test the Italian market with limited investment.

The Experience-Based approach is not only aimed at consumers: in line with the mission of webidoo, there are spaces dedicated to innovation for companies, especially SMEs, to experiment and purchase innovative digital solutions ranging from Digital Marketing services to the new frontiers of Fintech, digital payments, and Blockchain.
The digital era has already arrived, and webidoo aims to support consumers and businesses in choosing the best technological products and the most advanced digital solutions available on the market. The new store is a space where customers will have the opportunity to hands-on the latest Hi-Tech innovations, companies and professionals can discover the potential of the most advanced web platforms, e-commerce, and digital advertising, and Technology Brands will have access to a unique marketplace to showcase and promote their products, all with the support of webidoo’s digital specialists

About Webidoo SpA

Webidoo, a company specialized in promoting Digital Transformation, was founded in 2017 by the idea of Daniel Rota, Giovanni Farese, and Egidio Murru, three managers united by their passion for digital and new technologies. Webidoo simplifies access to the best technological and digital solutions in both the B2B and B2C sectors. The B2C aspect of Webidoo materializes through Webidoo Store, the phygital Experience Store where people can find the most innovative technological products on the market, also selected as previews. On the other hand, the B2B aspect is expressed through Webidoo Digital Services and Webidoo Farm, which assist businesses, SMEs, and professionals in choosing, implementing, and managing the best technological and digital solutions for business and strategic areas such as Digital Presence, E-Commerce, Digital Advertising, and Social Media. The strong innovative drive of the group is also evident in Webidoo Gaming, the company that takes the business into the world of esports with teams engaged in the most important international championships, catering to businesses by providing entirely new digital opportunities to promote their activities on cutting-edge digital channels, such as Twitch. The company is composed of a team of over 300 individuals, including employees and digital consultants, operating in Italy, Spain, the Balkans, and the USA.